MasterChef pops up fine dining restaurant

Chris Hale, 29, who starred in this year's BBC's MasterChef is preparing to treat the paying public to a tempting menu of fine Italian Cuisine. There'll be champagne and canapes, hand-made tortellini, Rotolo and his famous dessert from this year's MasterChef which comprises of home-made ice cream, tempered chocolate served with hot caramel sauce.

Spaghetti With Pesto, Green Beans, and Potatoes, Genoese Style

This is the best variation of spaghetti pesto I know of, do not be put off by the use of potatoes and green beans in the pasta sauce, not only is it traditional to Italian cooking, it is beautiful to look at, and a really tasty treat, anytime of the year fresh basil can be had, it is probably better in the summer, because the flavor profile is exactly that, but do not hesitate from buying green beans for this pasta garnish, in the cooler months of the year, as long as they can stand up and are unblemished to look at. Prepare the pesto sauce on the site, but instead of using 4 tablespoons water, use 5. Set aside at room temperature.

Spatola Ristorante & Wine Bar: An Unfinished Journey to Authentic Italian Fare

Denver has lost a number of old-time red-sauce joints recently, including Patsy's, which closed last month after nearly a century. Taken together with the rise in gluten-free dining, you might think it's time to say arrivederci to Italian food.

The five best regional Italian restaurants in London

From melt-in-the mouth mozzarella to gloriously moreish tiramisu, here's our pick of the capital's top Italian hotspots For years, Italian restaurants across London churned out a range of tired variations on the same handful of dishes: over-cooked pasta, thick-crusted pizza and perhaps a limp chicken cacciatore or bistecca alla Fiorentina. More recently, however, the British capital has woken up to the fact that even the notion of a single unified Italian cuisine is a concept that many Italians reject.

Balsamic and basil salad a potluck hit

Blogger and dietitian Alexandra Caspero Lenz combines her Italian heritage and her nutritional expertise in a new cookbook, "Fresh Italian Cooking for the New Generation." The book has 100 vegetarian recipes that reduce the fat and carbs of traditional Italian cooking.

Where to Find Old School Italian Food in Los Angeles

There's something familiar and comforting with the perfect bowl of spaghetti and meatballs. It's probably the first complete dish you were willing to eat as a child.

Review: Redemption at Sardelli Italian Steakhouse

When it came time to order at Sardelli Italian Steakhouse, our server tried to steer us away from the bone-in filet mignon. He said we should go with the fattier, more flavorful bone-in rib-eye.

The Story of Italian Food in Los Angeles, From Chianti to Burrata

What enters your mind when twirling fennel pollen-dusted spaghetti around your fork? Probably not much more than "just how quickly can I get this into my mouth?" And that's fair, because L.A.'s emerging renditions of Italian cuisine are incredible. But there's a story behind all that beautiful bread and cheese.

Opened in 1999, and chosen by Gourmet Magazine in 2000 as one of "America's Best Restaurants," Johnny's Half Shell relocated to its present Capitol Hill location in September 2006. Renditions of Chesapeake and Gulf Coast Seafood remained the kitchen's focus, and the restaurant's new home maintained its homespun conviviality. Said Washingtonian Magazine, "The capitol dome shines in the background, a reminder of the new, more serious-minded neighbors who come here. But Johnny's still feels like home." In September 2007, New York Times dubbed the new venue a "Capital Gain" for Washington, DC.
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