Cold weather comfort food in Chebanse

It's not a secret. One of our favorite restaurants for good Italian food is Uptown Grille.

The New Fusion Cuisine: How Chefs Are Celebrating Culinary Connections Between Italy and East Asia

You have to start with noodles, of course, which have been the most obvious link between the cuisines of Italy and East Asia for at least a few centuries. Long, thin strands of springy dough are the foundation of some of the world's most important dishes, and even though Japanese food and Italian food may not seem entirely compatible at first, there are many shared sensibilities beyond noodles, like a love of umami and pristine ingredients.

It's a crowd pleaser, but I expect more

THE days of shopping centre dining consisting of downing a doner kebab on the run - lettuce dropping on your shoes, sauce dribbling down your shirt - are well and truly over. Now the major centres are pumping millions of dollars into creating dedicated foodie precincts with everything from casual family offerings to fine dining fare.

Of Italiano delicacies and wood-fired pizzas at Bella Cucina

Despite the increasing interest in Japanese cuisine among food connoisseurs in India, there is no denying the stronghold that Chinese and Italian foods have among the masses. After all, a good bowl of pasta is as hearty as it is sophisticated.

Ciao Italia

Mary Ann Esposito, host of the longest-running cooking show on public television, travels around the United States and Rome, Italy in search of recipes that can be prepared in thirty-minutes or less for a busy audience that has time to enjoy great Italian food but doesn' t always have time to prepare it "the old way." Mary Ann returns to Azienda di Majo in Italy where vintner Alessio di Majo gives her quick tour of his farm's thousand acre field that's filled with tens of thousands of asparagus spears ready for harvest.

Dining Review: Neighborhood joint Savelli's Pizza, Pasta, Subs offers comforting Italian food

Savelli's Pizza, Pasta and Subs "Nono's Favorite" - Olive oil and garlic base, with red onions, tomatoes, gorgonzola, asiago, Italian seasoning and a mozzarella/muenster cheese blend. Thursday January 12, 2017.

Opened in 1999, and chosen by Gourmet Magazine in 2000 as one of "America's Best Restaurants," Johnny's Half Shell relocated to its present Capitol Hill location in September 2006. Renditions of Chesapeake and Gulf Coast Seafood remained the kitchen's focus, and the restaurant's new home maintained its homespun conviviality. Said Washingtonian Magazine, "The capitol dome shines in the background, a reminder of the new, more serious-minded neighbors who come here. But Johnny's still feels like home." In September 2007, New York Times dubbed the new venue a "Capital Gain" for Washington, DC.
400 N. Capitol St. NW
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