Restaurant review: Grissini in Englewood Cliffs

Grissini serves high-level Italian food in an elegant setting. Its pizza, above left, is known for its crust made with water from Brooklyn.

The south is rising at Luella's Southern Kitchen

I wish I were prescient enough to have predicted that a boom in southern and soul food was coming our way, a welcome respite from the relentless Italian-food invasion. We have good southern food here and there, both high and low end, but the depth and breadth of regional southern cooking has yet to be thoroughly explored, which is hard to fathom given Chicago's strong connections to the south.

Phantom Gourmet: Tuscan Kitchen In Burlington

Do you love Italian food? Of course you do, but you probably don't love it as much as Joe Faro, the Owner and 'Chief Food Taster' at the sprawling Tuscan Kitchen in Burlington. "Tuscan Kitchen is an artisan Italian experience.

Gaetano's Shows Old-School Love for Happy Hour

You can throw off the checkered tablecloths and add a fresh coat of varnish, but you can't erase the spirit of a good old Italian restaurant. Gaetano's Restaurant has been ladling red and pouring white in North Denver since 1947, but a change of ownership in 2005 lead to a controversial 2012 remodel.

Beating the cliches on Italian food

Judging by the staggering number of Italian and French restaurants in Japan it would be hard to call which European cuisine is more popular: perhaps both, equally. But this cuts both ways.

Sardinia on your plate: Food festival at JW Marriott's Alba

If you, like me, are a die-hard fan of Italian cuisine, then get ready to tantalize your taste buds at Alba , the fine dining restaurant at the JW Marriott, Bangalore. For the first time the Chef de Cuisine, Antonello Cancedda, brings you an exclusive gourmet experience from the island of Sardinia, which also happens to be his hometown.

Opened in 1999, and chosen by Gourmet Magazine in 2000 as one of "America's Best Restaurants," Johnny's Half Shell relocated to its present Capitol Hill location in September 2006. Renditions of Chesapeake and Gulf Coast Seafood remained the kitchen's focus, and the restaurant's new home maintained its homespun conviviality. Said Washingtonian Magazine, "The capitol dome shines in the background, a reminder of the new, more serious-minded neighbors who come here. But Johnny's still feels like home." In September 2007, New York Times dubbed the new venue a "Capital Gain" for Washington, DC.
400 N. Capitol St. NW
Washington, DC 20001
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